About the Author

Hi, I'm Karen Findlay

In 2008, I completed my B.A. in Secondary English Teaching from Brigham Young University (yes, I'm a Mormon). In 2007, I received an ORCA grant to conduct a study on interracial violence in secondary schools.

From 2008-2010 I participated in Utah County Immigration Project (UCIP),  a qualitative research team under the direction of Prof. Charlie Morgan (BYU Sociology Dept.) We conducted interviews, and took notes on community conversations in order to collect the details that characterize the lifestyles of Utah County immigrants, and the attitudes of the community on immigration issues.

I currently work part-time as a teacher for Granite School District, volunteer for the Utah Chapter of Artist, Interrupted, write historical plays, raise a two-year-old, and when I find time, I blog about culture.