Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How much do you really know about Islam?

Khadeeja Mosque (West Valley City, Utah)
This is the first installment in The Culturalist's 2011 Series on Islam.
Pop Quiz!

1. True or False? In the Qur'an, all women of the faith are commanded to wear face covering, but many women who practice Islam in the United States choose not to do so, because it is unpopular. 
2. True or False? The teachings of Islam include the belief in the second coming of Jesus.

3. True or False? Muhammad, whom Muslims revere as the last prophet, performed many miracles, including healing the sick.

4. True or False? There is a global consensus among the believers of Islam that any war Muslims fight against non-Muslims may be considered a "Jihad," or Holy War.  

5. True or False? The Arabic version of the Qur'an is entirely in rhyme. 

6. True or False? In 2009, there were an estimated 25 hundred Muslims living in Utah.
    Answers Below:

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    The Mestizo Institute. Does art change the world?

    Where is it?
    MICA gallery webpage

    Months ago (Spring 2011), I found myself driving back and forth looking for an address on the block at North Temple and 600 West in Salt Lake City. I thought what I was looking for (the Mestizo Institute of Culture and Art) was a museum of some kind. I finally found it, a small coffee shop, "Mestizo Coffeehouse." It was one of the shops on the first floor of the Citifront apartment complex. The Mestizo art gallery (also the meeting place of the Mestizo Institute) is a small exhibit room (I'm guessing 30x20 feet) with a couch and a couple of comfortable chairs set up in the center.